CAE consulting
Software selection, CAE software sale & customer support , initial launch-up support, periodic on-site support
Engineering Services
Timely solutions, rapid problem set up, expert analysis - all with our Engineering Services. Terrabyte can provide you with a complete solution to your problem; can provide you all the tools for you to obtain the solution, or offer any intermediate level of support and software.
material property test
Tension test, compression test, high-speed tension test and  viscoelasticitiy test for plastic, rubber or foam materials.We verify the material property by LS-DYNA calculations before delivery.
drop test
Fragility test - measurement of acceleration and strain for smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile products and parts.We develop CAE solvers, database systems and GUI systems.

We develop CAE solvers, database systems and GUI systems.

CAE temporary personnel service
We send superior CAE engineers from Terra Service - our group company for temporary personnel business.